PVT and relperm data

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PVT and relative permeability information for the Johansen model.

The fluid system is an immiscible, two-phase system consisting of water- and CO2-phase. The density and viscosity data for both phases are given as a function of pressure in tabulated form. The isothermal properties for 94 ÂșC are given for pressure ranging from 230 to 400 bar.

Three sets of relative permeability curves are provided for the two-phase water and CO2 system. The relative permeability values are given as a function of the associated phase saturation in tabulated form.

  • pvt.zip - PVT tables for CO2 and water (text format)
  • relperm.zip relative permeability curves for CO2 and water (text format)


Numerical simulation for research purposes.

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