Sharing of reference datasets from pioneering CO2 storage projects is essential to accelerate improved understanding, build capacity, reduce costs and minimize uncertainties associated with CO2 storage in deep geological formations.

The CO2 Storage Data Consortium launched the CO2 DataShare online portal in January 2020, for the purpose of disseminating available reference datasets from industry and pilot projects related to real geological CO2 storage operations.

Read more about the CO2 Storage Data Consortium here.

Sharing and accessing CO2 storage data:

CO2 DataShare aims to share high-quality datasets from pilot, demonstration and industry-scale projects to enable research and development essential for building confidence in CO2 storage as a greenhouse gas control strategy.

All documentation and metadata is openly accessible. When it comes to data access itself, the default and preferred model is for the datasets to be freely downloadable under an open license.

Data documentation, definition of metadata and clarification of access rights and licensing terms are tasks done by the data provider in collaboration with CO2 DataShare.

For dialogue on reference datasets that could be relevant for sharing, please contact the CO2 Storage Data Consortium.