CO2 Storage Data Category Classification

Code Title Comment / examples
1.0.0 Technical, Geographical data
1.1.0 Technical data

Technical data and specification on equipment, installations, wells, wellpaths, etc.

1.2.0 Geographical data

- GIS-information/maps regarding site location, extent, well positions, etc.

- regional capacity estimates

- uplift data (cross-classified with field measurement data)

2.0.0 Measurement data
2.1.0 Field measurement data
2.1.1 Seismic measurements
2.1.2 Well logs
2.1.3 Operational data

E.g.: injection schedules and associated measurements

2.1.4 Monitoring data
2.1.5 Other field measurement data

- Includes uplift data (cross classified with geographical data)

- Other field measurement data not elsewhere described

2.2.0 Laboratory measurement data
2.2.1 Core sample data
2.2.2 Fluid analyses
2.2.3 Other laboratory data
3.0.0 Modeling data
3.1.0 Velocity models
3.2.0 Geological models

- detailed 3D models of geological formations or sites

- horizons, fault sticks, etc.

- site-specific estimated geological properties, e.g. geomechanical data

3.3.0 Simulation models
3.3.1 Reservoir simulation models and associated data
3.3.2 Computed simulation results
4.0.0 Other data

- reports and other written documents for human readers

- photographic images

- other data not elsewhere described